You can move with greater ease, freedom, confidence and control. You really can.

The human body is wonderfully designed for movement but things happen in life which can set you back, hold you up, sap your confidence and shake your sense of control. Sometimes in your efforts to solve the problem, you unknowingly work against your body, and start to get in your own way. We understand that, and we want to put the control back in your hands.

JEMS® has been created to awaken a new understanding of your body, and show you how to work with it intelligently, respectfully and effectively.

Whatever you do in your life, JEMS® is right there with you, whether you want to sprint like the wind, make a comeback after an injury, play your violin effortlessly or just enjoy outdoor fun with the family. It is about unlocking barriers and exploring possibilities. It’s about the most enduring relationship of your life… the one you have with your body.

You are in safe hands. JEMS® is built upon the science of movement, rehabilitation and performance, and backed up by twenty five years of unceasing development, innovation, passion and commitment by internationally respected movement performance and rehabilitation expert, Joanne Elphinston.

Through Joanne’s work, JEMS® is used at the highest levels of sporting performance, on the stages of international concert halls, in hospitals and clinics, and with people of all ages and physical abilities. People just like you, who have found a simple but powerful way to take charge of their bodies, to make a difference to how they feel, and to invest in a healthy active future.

You can too. We’ll help you.

We asked our participants what they have gained from their JEMS® experience:


Spreading the Magic: Real JEMS® People

From professionals working across diverse fields, to people who have picked up the book and are using it to guide themselves in their own movement journey, we celebrate real JEMS® people and share their inspiring stories:


Nicki Tinkler – Prevailing over Parkinson’s          Steve Young – Goal Setting, Cerebral Palsy, and Joy


Keith Holt – On a Journey to the Olympics                    Gavin Church – A Multiple Sclerosis Story



Heather Watson – A Physiotherapist’s Journey           Fiona Campbell – brain, feet, and custard


Åsa Ölund – the power of music in movement         Ronja Rönnqvist – “Flow of forces” in kayaking


Isla Scott – My JEMS® Journey                        Chris Gauntlett – Unlocking the Movement Puzzle


Kent Fyrth – a JEMS® Approach