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Hip Flexor Tight from Running?

Hyper Mobility: Rehab Starts with Trust

Hip tip for getting your bounce back

Tip for knee pain walking down hill

Treat the source not the symptom

Easier gait in minutes

Movement is not the same thing as exercises

Biology of Business - podcast with Kate Markland

Running with Jake podcast

Running with Jake - podcast with Jake Lowe

Sports Performance Show podcast

Sports Performance Show - podcast with Andrew Caldwell

Stop Chasing Pain podcast

Stop Chasing Pain - podcast with Perry Nickelston

Yoga and Beyond podcast

Yoga and Beyond - podcast with Ariana Rabinovitch

YouMatter - podcast with Jo Turner

Rehabilitation professionals, are you experiencing the fulfilment and meaning that you hoped for?

What has learning JEMS® meant to rehabilitation professionals?

Embodied Health Learning - webinar with John Wilks

JEMS® Professional Training for Rehabilitation Professionals

JEMS® Insight webinar with Hadrian Stiff, Coach of World Squash Champions

Moved to Learn - webinar with Elizabeth Larkin

Want better hip motion? Look higher!

Recognising and calming the stress breathing pattern

Hamstring issues? Check this simple movement

Glute activation: it's not your glutes!

Propulsion training using water resistance

Anxiety provoked by talking about “uncontrolled movement”

Having fun on JEMS® Movement ART Course 1

Sling suspension for fine tuned hip, pelvic and trunk control

Dressage for foot, ankle and hip conditioning

Functional integration for the shoulder

Heaven and Earth

Small tweaks add big value to simple step up

Variability Challenge

Why not boost your movement nutrition today?

Demonstrating independent control

Myofascial lengthening through posterior chain

Movement Testing: The Dynamic Lunge

Movement Testing: Overhead Squat or Not?

Movilidad fácil para las espinas rígidas: JEMS® 'Thigh Slide'

Resolver dolor de rodilla para caminar cuesta abajo con JEMS®

Prueba de movimiento: ¿Estocada linear o no?

Why come to JEMS® Clinical Rehabilitation Courses for Healthcare Professionals?

We ask Healthcare Professionals "which of your patients is JEMS® great for"?

Get more from your hip thruster with better technique

Movement Testing: In Line Lunge or Not?

Ski Body Tip 2: Finding your Hips

Ski Body Tip 1: Feeling the Snow

Tip for Reducing Knee Pain Walking Downhill

Making the Foot Available

Expanding the Functional Window

JEMS® Balance Tip 1

Spinal Mobility 1: Thigh Slides

JEMS® Posture Tip

JEMS® introduction

Interview with Perry Nickelston

Interview with Physiotools