About JEMS

Physical Intelligence, Technical Excellence.

JEMS® has a simple mission: to enable people of all backgrounds, ages and levels of physical ability to learn the art of working with their body instead of against it, to have confidence in their bodies, and to reclaim and enjoy the activities that matter most to them.

The inspiration comes from all around us. We hear the stories all the time.

“I’d love to be out on the bike/golf course/mountain with my friends, but I just keep getting injured.”


“I know I can perform beyond this level but something in my technique just keeps getting in the way.”


“I want to feel great about myself after having my baby but I just can’t seem to get going.”


“I’d love to do more with my children/grandchildren, but I’m not confident in my physical ability.”


“I’d love to have a programme that is easy to do and makes me feel better but I just don’t know where to start.”


We understand, and we also know that by using simple techniques to make fresh links between your brain and body, unlocking old habits and introducing new ones, you can change the way your body responds to the challenges that life throws at you.

JEMS® is the science and art of beautiful movement, built upon a foundation of neuroscience, biomechanics, psychology and rehabilitation research, and balanced by the insights of a wide variety of holistic movement approaches.

JEMS® is about exploring possibilities, rather than accepting limitations. We all have spare capacity in our body systems, but rarely access that potential. Our brains and bodies are remarkably adaptable and they respond to whatever inputs we feed them, so a balanced diet of movement experiences helps us to determine the body we will have tomorrow.

Work on cause rather than effect. When an injury seems to have come from nowhere, or keeps persisting, it can indicate that the painful body structure is being put under pressure that it isn’t designed to bear. Learning to work with the forces acting on your body shares the load and directs it to the areas best suited to support them. Joanne is the originator of the Functional Force Management® concept, a new way to understand and control how forces act on our bodies.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. The keys are elegant, simple movement relationships that anyone can learn. When someone discovers a new way to make a movement possible, with more control, less effort and a better outcome, they have just made their movement a little more beautiful.


Move beautifully with JEMS®.

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