Real JEMS® People: Fiona Campbell on the brain, the feet, and custard

Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor Fiona has kindly shared this story about using JEMS® with a young patient:

“I’ve just recently come back from repeating my JEMS® Course 1 which as I expected was inspiring and I don’t think yet I realise how much more I have gained from repeating it.

I was delighted to have one of my patients (a young 14 year old girl) come back and say to me she has realised stress made her foot pain worse. Aha – I’m getting excited with the thought that I realised I can help her to find some way of managing this. She also told me she hated her feet but didn’t know why? She also enjoys psychology at school.

Listening foot was started and we explored the movement first of all and she was quite good with little effort used but she has quite a high arch so it is quite a rigid foot. The next bit took me out of my comfort zone – I then asked her if she was to fill it with something really gooey and nice to see if it would change anything in the foot, so she said custard and it was cold custard. We got her to repeat listening foot with custard in her foot and guess what – she gained so much more movement medially and the foot just relaxed and softened. She was amazed and delighted.

We then took her up into standing and explored things in standing and with a bit more custard and suddenly her whole leg moved more and relaxed. Then on the wobble cushion she said my balance is better.

As she is a competitive runner we looked at some tone modulation techniques she could do before her race and some breathing.

So she has gone away with balloons in her body, custard in her feet and is delighted.”

Following up a few months later, Fiona reports that “the girl in question is doing really well and has been running consistently for a few months.  She comes to clinic with a smile on her face. “

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