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We love to hear from people using JEMS®, especially when they are independently using the knowledge to gain a better understanding of their bodies or the bodies of their clients.

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People using JEMS®

Your techniques have been so useful to me, I honestly don’t know what I taught before. The JEMS® techniques bring incredible results and therefore happy clients. On a personal level you may recall that on the first course I completed with you that I had no ability to rotate. Brain and body just didn’t understand each other. I recall Kent’s shocked face when I also said I had just taken up golf. Of course, thanks to all your amazing techniques I have taught myself to rotate and I am still loving the golf to the point that I completed a course last year to become a golf fitness specialist. I have been taken under the wing of our local golf academy and working with them to keep our golfers fit and injury free. Golfers are lopsided misaligned beasts – so plenty of work to do using JEMS® techniques.

Nicki Tinkler OBE  Personal Trainer and Golf Fitness Specialist

I just wanted to let you know that you’ve changed my life.

I’m sure you guys hear that often, but I am sincerely thankful for the information in Stability, Sport and Performance Movement 2nd Ed. I am 32 years old, and recently had surgery on my right leg for varicose veins.  I had, for about 10 years, favoured my left leg in every movement I performed.  Apparently, certain muscles had been turned off from years of avoiding putting pressure on the right foot/leg, which contributed to a good deal of pain (not to mention reduced performance in my sport of choice and general fitness). I have since studied your excellent book and begun a program to rehabilitate my right leg and foot, and my neck and shoulder pain have completely gone away.

All I can say is thank you!

JM  via email

My parents’ life has always been an inspiration to me and quite a contrast to many peoples’ lives that lack energy, mobility and independence (in older age). That’s why I love to share your material when I get a chance. I can’t imagine that every person wouldn’t want the same freedom and independence throughout their life. Your program, your books, your postings and your articles all contain so much need to know ideas that all other avenues should be explored in order to share this information with more people

Bob Hersch  Golf Programme Director, USA

I have used your book and the test sheets now for 4 years, and have done a total of 350 test on riders here in Sweden but also at my work in Finland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Austria. Out of 350 persons, I have until today 2 (!) who do not need to train their upper-body stability. Both are Yoga teachers. They are women, one is around 20 years of age and the other is around 60. I understand that our stressful life is a factor, but nevertheless, only 2!

The people whom I have had the opportunity to meet with more frequently and who I have trained according to the tailored exercises that I give them out from your book (Total Stabilitet, the Swedish translation of Stability, Sport and Performance Movement) have made a huge differences in their riding and also in their life quality.

Lotta Manssib-Saderstrom  International Centred Riding Instructor

Your new book is tremendous and is used like a bible. I think it should be used by all coaches as the starting point. Coaches become good at setting programmes, planning races, developing race strategies but they miss the most important point of all. The balanced movement and efficient transfer of energy throughout the full structure is key to maximising performance and avoiding injury. Your book spells this out for me. Thank you.

Keith Holt  Athletics Coach, Birchfield Harriers

After my (JEMS®) exercises in the morning I feel so totally different – I stand in a way I never have done, and it also affects the way I sit – somehow it opens my front as well, and allows the arms more freedom, and, when I get it right, my head just sits there, balanced. Just like it should, but it never really has. So it feels like early days as it’s not automatic yet, but rather wonderful. It also does something harder to describe when I play, which is to kind of release a pressure in my head that is almost always there – maybe it’s simply the muscles working to hold up the head, that shouldn’t be working? But it seems to make a big difference and I love it.

Matthew Barley  International acclaimed cellist

I am a physiotherapist who recently has worked as an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor with injured military personnel. I would like to thank you for a fantastic text book which formed the basis and foundation for many of my rehab sessions, with great results!

Alan Barero

I received my new Nelo Vanquish III Classic K-1 yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to discover that on my maiden voyage I had better balance than I’ve ever had in a tippy boat.  Thanks to your exercise programme from the book, I can see improvement in my balance and feel for the water.  Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.  Previously, I acquired comparable K-1’s (Kirton Tor and a Nelo Vanquish Vintage) and had to sell both boats within a month of purchase because they were too unstable for me to paddle.

Jack Linke  Masters Sprint Kayak Paddler and winner of US Masters 5000m and K2, 2008

I’ve just reviewed my 15 year old badminton player who presented last year with knee and back pain. Her England fitness, flexibility and conditioning score last year pre treatment was 8/30; she then came to me and we worked on tri-planar control of lunges and squats statically then dynamically, and flexibility especially of the hip flexors to allow dynamic lunging with explosive movement such as required on court, with some good results. She’s gone to the England summer school again this year and tells me that her score was in the mid 20’s! This is all I am sure down to your excellent teaching and helping me work on the real issues rather than just chasing the pain; thank you both SO MUCH!

Becki Simpson  Physiotherapist

mats-larsonDuring my time as a professional cross country skier, people always told me I had the most beautiful and most economical way of skiing in the classic technique. I always had a problem with the skating technique though, but when I met Joanne, initially because of a back pain and knee problems, she found a lot of things that didn’t work out the way it should in my technique, both in classic and in skate.

She was the first ever to say that my classic technique wasn’t as efficient as it could be and I found it very interesting to hear what she had to say. The result was stunning. I had never felt so much power before and it cost less energy! For the last season as a top athlete, after I had been working with Joanne for a year, I was in the world top also in skating.

I had improved results in my classic and skating technique already after the first session working with Joanne. My back pain was all gone and in the summer I could run as I wanted because my knees was 100% again. Joanne really taught me how to use my body and its energies to move the most powerful and efficient way without getting any injuries

Mats Larsson Silver Medallist 2007 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Bronze Medallist 2006 Olympics

Joanne’s analysis of the skills we needed in flatwater kayak, her training of our coaches, introduction of assessments for problem areas in individual athletes, and specific exercise programme to rectify and maintain excellent functional stability in our athletes has been outstandingly valuable to our coaches.
 It has changed the culture of our coaches, and has led to a vastly greater understanding of the holistic process of developing sport skills.
 Joanne’s programme has been directly and indirectly responsible for improved performance at all levels of the sport up to Olympic athletes.

Graham Cambell  National Development Coach, British Canoe Union

Joanne’s ability to identify key biomechanical areas for an athlete to develop is an exceptional talent, however it is the following application of very specific correctional and developmental training and exercises that is irreplaceable. Joanne works from the needs of athletes with regard to their sport outwards, therefore always conscious of the athlete’s needs with regards to their sport and ensuring that her work integrates and links with all physical, technical and psychological elements of the athletes training, therefore working closely with the other support staff. The result is that the athlete can work on specific movement, alignment and body awareness with very high levels of understanding and continual concentration which applies directly to their sport and therefore ensures excellent transfer and retention.

Mark Tiltson  Spanish Women’s Downhill Coach and former British Ski Team Head Coach

Thank you so much for the lecture at Conference, the buzz since has been sensational.  It was great to have the coaches active and actually taking part, it has really set them alight.  The principles and efficiency of movement are the very essence of our sport and our coaches need to better understand how to identify, correct and/or improve them to help performances.  Your workshop was so easy to understand and made this accessible to our coaches.

Matt Foad  CCSO, England Athletics


This has been a “game changer” for me in my personal posture and movement, the way I move when treating, and how I treat, observe and advise patients.”

Andrew Patterson, Osteopath, Stirling.

These courses have given me a deeper understanding of how functional movement is built up. For your patient with pain and movement problems, you get a solid guideline how to start training a correct movement pattern, where the patient’s actual ability is in focus.
 For my work with riders I have got the best of tools to explore movement problems, and I can now bit by bit give them a new way to correct a faulty movement pattern, something so vital for the development of “Perfect Equipage”. I deeply recommend this course to all clinicians who work with rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Birthe Vogelius  Swedish Dressage Team Physiotherapist and author of “Spänst och Harmoni I ryttarens sits”

The course has made me more accurate in my analysis of the patient, thus better in choosing relevant exercises.  It also helps me to find action plans through pathways which facilitate the structure in my work.

I have become more aware of details; instead of giving instructions I guide the patient through the treatment. It’s more like a dialogue between me and the patient. My treatment results have markedly improved with JEMS®.

Working with the JEMS®-technique is fun and challenging. I strongly recommend everyone to take the course. Joanne is a skilled and brilliant teacher!

Lena Sunden  Physiotherapist, Lund, Sweden

Your philosophies, and your all-encompassing, intelligent approach to understanding and promoting appropriate movement are phenomenal. The JEMS® concepts are simple/complex; science/art; powerful/gentle. Physios need this stuff.”

Jo Racle, MCSP, 2012

Clear, concise and very practical

Sean Connelly  Head Physiotherapist, FAW (Welsh National Football) Senior Mens team.

Now that is what I thought physiotherapy was going to be when I started college!

Lesley Dike  Chartered Physiotherapist, Sheffield

Joanne Elphinston’s profoundly holistic philosophy on movement analysis and correction is incomparably inspiring. She has so beautifully “humanised” human movement.
This seminar has redefined my understanding of patient assessment and has thus reshaped my future as a myotherapist and as a people watcher.

Sam Rigby  Melbourne

I genuinely believe that your (book and) course is the most valuable I have done since qualifying 14 years ago.  Throughout the course it was reassuring to hear you talk about things that I do and it helped put them together into a structure I hadn’t worked out.

MG  Birmingham

I use the information daily, with every client. Clients are finding their pain is reduced, they move better, can maintain their physicality for long periods of time and they are more aware psychologically, more settled and less frightened. Thank you.

It’s what I always come back to. It’s open minded, integrated and evidence based without ever being didactic or closed. Just brilliant for handling the huge variety of clients that walk/stagger/limp through the door.

At the end of every working day, I’m so grateful to have been able to incorporate this movement system into my practice, the results of which both myself and my patients benefit from. Many days the beauty is in the simplest realisations, which can result in the greatest changes for moving forward.

JEMS® Get On The Ball™ for Paediatric Physiotherapists

I think its fair to say that we all really enjoyed the course and got a huge amount out of it! Had a great result with a 2 year old with CF on Tues. He was SO Physio-phobic. I saw him in clinic on Tues and true to form he wouldn’t look at me and went nuts having his sats done. At the end of the morning he came back in and the moment he set eyes on the ball he started laughing.

We did loads of stuff with it but the best bit was him lying over it whilst I percussed the ball and not him. He laughed so hard and then did a massive cough – result!!! We’re in the process of putting together a hand out for toddlers with resp problems using the ball. Obesity group was last night. We added in a squat with the ball and a prone walk out (which they found hard) but they all said that they enjoyed the new exercises. When we have enough balls we’re going to make the whole warm up gym ball stuff.
 So all in all there’s been lots of ball related activity – everyone’s really inspired.
 Thanks so much for the course – do you do refreshers?

Nicky Murray Luton and Dunstable Hospital

I found the course so useful, practical and have noted that it has changed the way I observe my patients. I have already seen great improvements in some of the children I see in regard to their strength and movement patterns. Thank you for your inspiration.

Bianca Stranger  Isle Of Man

I really enjoyed the course and have used it so much in my practice and now have a ball group running with really good results in the children’s motor skills and also their motivation to take part in therapy.

Audrey Martin  Senior Occupational Therapist, OT DCD Team South CHCP

The course was informative and interesting, providing exercises with clear progression that could be easily applied to the children I work with.  Have tried out some exercises already and looking forward to using more.  Good to refresh on ball exercises that I already use and know that I am teaching them properly.

The gym ball course was great.  I loved the way that theory and practical elements of the course were combined, as I learn so much better that way.  I feel that undertaking this course has been of real benefit to my clinical practice, providing me with a variety of beneficial tools that I have included in my treatment options box.  The gym ball is such a versatile piece of equipment and the children I work with absolutely love using it as part of their treatment plans, as it’s such good fun!

I really enjoyed the course because the exercises spanned from low to high level abilities, they can be replicated and are measurable, they can be delegated to carers, are adaptable to safe treatment handling, they can systematically be built up regarding physical and cognitive abilities, are adaptable to different age groups and are overall food for thought.

The best course I have done for years.

JEMS® Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

I think JEMS® is amazing.  It addressed gaps in my knowledge and gave me tools to use in my Pilates studio which I am looking forward to showing to my clients.  If and when a follow on course is available, please let me know as I would very much like to increase my knowledge and awareness of beautiful and effortless movement using Joanne’s methods.

Rose Tweedie  Norfolk Core Pilates

This is perhaps a bold statement, but I can tell you that this workshop is probably the most useful we have ever attended

Pilates Tree  Read the full review here

Such a reminder that less tension equals more movement. The teaching manner was incredibly supportive, positive and generous


I feel I have gained another view of the body and it feels so intuitive and real.


“It has been TERRIFIC! The best two day course I have ever attended. I loved the holistic approach to movement and the freedom to explore. 11/10!”

I so love the JEMS® work and have already had some outstanding results with clients with complex movement patterns!

Pilates Teacher 

Love the new material to share with clients, and how there is something for everyone


“More helpful to my way of teaching than I could have imagined”


The course was brilliant — I have a completely new set of standards to work from, personally and with clients


Like breathing fresh air – it more than met my expectations


Love the emphasis on empowering language


The presenters were amazing and the content was brilliant