Real JEMS® People: Åsa Ölund on the power of music in movement

I am so proud of the wonderful professionals who have taken their JEMS training to the patients and clients in wonderful ways, and am periodically featuring them here on the blog.

Here is a lovely story from one of our Swedish certified practitioners, applying a JEMS neuromotor cuing technique:

I was working with a musician who had a painful shoulder. He did his exercises rapidly, with no control, and he was definitely not mindful while doing them. I compared this with the work of composer Igor Stravinsky, and recommended he use another composer while doing his exercises. He instantly picked Claude Debussy, Frederic Chopin and Carl Nielsen. 

The reaction was immediate. He relaxed, his movements became soft and fluent, and more harmonious. After a few weeks I told him that he really knew how to perform his exercises. He replied proudly, “Of course, now I’m my own composer.

Åsa Ölund, JEMS® certified practitioner, JEMS® teaching assistant, and physiotherapist based at Närhälsan Trollhättan Rehabmottagning, rehab clinic in Trollhättan, Sweden

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