Real JEMS® People: Steve Young on goal setting, cerebral palsy and joy.

Steve Young is a past participant of JEMS® for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Professionals, and kindly shared this story about using JEMS® with Millie Poole, who has Cerebral Palsy:

“I met Joanne Elphinston some 15 years ago and have applied plenty of her ‘On the Ball’ principles since then with different clients, often with great success. When I attended JEMS® for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Professionals, I was happily refreshed in the wonderful concepts and principles of beautiful movement.  One particular young client has evolved and outshone many and her ‘Olympic’ efforts make for a very uplifting, ongoing story of success and wonderment.

Millie has Cerebral Palsy and was introduced to me requiring some impetus into her physical therapy. She has experienced from birth many different types of therapy, and therapists; Bobath, NHS and private.

What I wanted to achieve with her was an approach to encourage a constant exploration of movement. An evolution of development and curiosity for what can be achieved. A fearless approach whereby failure was part of learning and not to be uneasy about. A journey that would challenge me as much as her. Along with that an intention and a purpose for why she was doing it.  There is nothing better than having a strong goal to aim towards to focus the mind. So last year we decided that aiming to walk the 5km Run Reigate event would be a fabulous challenge. In spite of the fact that currently walking 500m was particularly tough.  She managed it with fabulous family support and love. Plus a cool, purple beard, sported by her Dad, as shown in the photo!

What I enjoy most is the simplicity of the things I do with Millie. Simple breathing techniques (Greyhounding), bouncing on the swiss ball and Heaven and Earth (adapted) are regularly included in our sessions. I think some of the areas that have helped me most of all is a clarity in seeing what is going wrong and a clear understanding of what is required to improve things. Moreover, an ability to use a language that is suitable for Millie. One which I know has developed her understanding of herself much more and continues to be highly rewarding. JEMS® undoubtedly is integral to how I go about dealing with most clients, but particularly Millie, and for that I am joyful. “

Steve Young – Personal Trainer, Forever Young Fitness Ltd

Millie is raising money for Tree of Hope, a charity which funds medical treatment, therapy & equipment for sick & disabled children.  Click here to donate

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