Real JEMS® People: Nicki Tinkler – Prevailing over Parkinson’s

Nicki Tinkler has attended all three parts of the JEMS® Course series for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Professionals, and kindly shared this story about using JEMS® with John, a client with Parkinson’s Disease:

“I use the techniques daily on clients but there is one particular case I would like to share. My client John is an 85 year old man who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. I have worked with him for the past 5 years once a week. Over the years I have used everything at my disposal to help him deal with the condition and other physical issues he has.

After the JEMS® course I started using greyhound with him and then moved on to using other techniques such as bell, sternal searchlight, scapula slides, step press and a modified heaven and earth, modifying as necessary for some additional safety and reassurance. Oh, and we also do some two step now!

John has gone from a man who struggled to walk 150 meters to go the cafe for an afternoon tea, to walking for half an hour around the town and thinking of getting rid of his mobility scooter. He is so chuffed with his progress, and is now telling me that he is walking fast now! He and I are completely convinced it is the JEMS® techniques and methodology that have made the difference, so thank you from both of us.”

Nicki Tinkler OBE – Personal Trainer and Golf Fitness Specialist

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