Squash musings

Great day this week at Elite Squash with top coach and JEMS fan Hadrian Stiff and his squad.  Nothing better on a rainy afternoon than to be creating fantastic fluency on court with talented and motivated players and an insightful coach who really “gets” it …

Beautiful, effective movement places a player anywhere they want to be on court with minimal effort and maximal effectiveness.  Strength and fitness provides a solid base, but does not automatically translate into on court fluency –- a source of frustration to the hard working athlete.

In this session, new ways of experiencing rhythm and the release of tension, both psychological and physical, created sensations of ease and power that these players had not tapped into before. It’s a pleasure to see the dawning of a new awareness crossing their faces, and a sense of freedom and fun in their practice.

Freedom and fun … it’s a different skill to use it to achieve specific performance outcomes in a training session, but the results can be startling.


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