London JEMS Certification: The Bar Has Been Set High!

We are really excited to welcome twelve new practitioners onto the register of JEMS Certified Rehabilitation Professionals (CRP) as a result of yesterday’s examinations in London.

Exam day is as much a test for us as teachers as the candidates themselves. Have we enabled and inspired our course participants to integrate the principles and techniques into their practice with insight and accuracy?









Part of the exam process involves presentation of a patient case study, and it was fascinating to see the range of applications demonstrated. There were many outstanding efforts, covering patients including a hypermobile squash player with knee pain, a neck/TMJ patient whose issues had to be traced all the way to the foot, an elderly patient with neck issues, a dressage rider, a weight lifter with shoulder pain and even a sound engineer with spinal pain.

A lot of thought and study went into the preparation for this exam, and it really paid off with some impressive performances that demonstrated both functional and holistic approaches.

Many of the candidates, all of whom are musculoskeletal physiotherapists, expressed that they now treat a broader spectrum of patients as a result of the course. Those who lacked confidence dealing with sports presentations have realised that they have the tools to analyse force management strategies in the athlete, recognise dysfunctional patterns and address causes of overload. Those who already worked predominantly in sports realised that humans are humans whether they are athletes or not, and they are subject to the same needs for a holistic approach and skilled unlocking of their primary patterns just like anyone else before progressing into higher load. Several practitioners who would not have dreamed of treating neurological issues have found themselves calmly applying the principles to these patients, opening up a new field of interest.

All of these people have some critical features in common — a passion for helping people, open but discerning minds and a genuine commitment to self development. Oh, and most importantly, a sense of fun!

So it seems our question has been answered — the course has met its objectives, and we’re so happy to congratulate¬†all of our new JEMS CRPs, whose names will shortly be listed on our register of practitioners!

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