Movement and exercise are not the same thing…

I woke up one morning a bit stiff and creaky after not such a great night’s sleep, pulled on whatever was to hand and wandered out into the garden. If I’d planned it, perhaps I would have picked a place where the hedge hadn’t had a brutal prune or made an effort to tie my hair back properly! Nevertheless, as I saw my shadow rippling over that surface, I thought prop the phone against the pear tree and issue an invitation to just move by sharing a little bit of my morning with you (I accidentally moved out of shot after this excerpt).

My body wasn’t ready to do anything big and vigorous, so I am just feeling my way into it, and honouring the morning while I do.  This isn’t a dance, isn’t any special moves, isn’t trying to look any particular way – it is just me gently saying hi to the day, hi to the sun and the birds, hi to my body, issuing a very gentle invitation to my heart and nervous system to come out to play before asking a little more of them. No plan, just finding a flowing presence, which progressively took me more deeply into my legs, shifting my weight, transitioning into rotations or whatever felt nourishing.

Remember that there is exercise, and then there is the private communion with your body that is movement. Whatever movement emerges, it is yours, it is perfect just as it is, it is an honest expression of today and it need not be any more than that.

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