Celebrations as we welcome four new stars into the JEMS® constellation!

We are delighted to announce that Helena Rylow, Petra Navier, Jennie Johansson and Anna Hedeer successfully passed the examination to become JEMS® Certified Rehabilitation Practitioners in 2020.  Anyone who has applied for certification knows that this is not a “free pass”, and this group did us proud today, demonstrating real depth of understanding of JEMS® methodology and philosophy, technical skill and the holistic clinical reasoning that we expect of our practitioners.

We were supposed to have been in Sweden for this event, but converted it into an online experience to enable these practitioners to take this next step in their JEMS® journey. From this experience, I can see that this will be the way in which we continue, as it will enable us to offer certifications more effectively from now on.In their reflections, a common theme emerged; that JEMS® offered these insightful practitioners a way to practice in a way that was authentic to them, integrating the functional and holistic, being able to individualise, and to bring their unique talents and interests into a clear clinical framework.

Well done to all of you – you are representing JEMS® beautifully!

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