Even panthers pause

It is the weekend, and time to reflect and perhaps resource, recover, take a moment or more…
This period has brought a weird mix of under and over activity – for some, there is a constant internal whirlpool of unease as perhaps we compare ourselves to others, feel like we are failing if we don’t seem to be “pivoting”, while fearing that we are “losing” some aspects of our physical selves as well.
So anxious are we that we give ourselves no space or time to just let the water stop whirling, the sediment to settle, and some clarity to emerge. We nag at our bodies while wringing out our minds.
And you know what? That’s normal. Yep, it is totally understandable, but it’s not the most sustainable strategy. You of course know that. But knowing and doing are two different things. (I put my hand up and acknowledge this myself).
Just remember: fields must be left fallow or they exhaust their nutrients, seeds must sleep in winter to germinate and emerge triumphantly in spring, and even panthers pause to reset and restore themselves.
So why not make like a panther today to make way for a better tomorrow….
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