Let your body be your playground

Your movement starts with a thought, an attitude.  What happens next has its genesis there, well before the movement begins.  That attitude will determine which programme your brain chooses to run.

So how are you going to play it?

Are you going to approach it as a struggle, a fight? That will guarantee that you won’t be listening to your body, and as such you can’t be responsive and adaptable in the moment. Choosing the battleground takes you into domination rather than partnership with your body, and the learning opportunity is blocked in favour of the narrowly defined outcome.

Or, you can bring yourself to the internal playground, where unsuspected possibilities, new insights, and alternative solutions can suggest themselves. That’s where you find out there are options you could never have known about, if you had travelled that concrete path to war.

The good news is that you always get to choose again if you realise you are back on the battleground…

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