Emerging Strong

We are shaking off the doldrums of 2020, recognising the resilience it has taken to ride the considerable ups and downs of the past year, and looking forward to the new horizons that we have been working on since the world turned upside down last March.

There is no denying that it has been a real test for everyone, and I would like to begin by saying that you have all been magnificent. Really! Having heard so many of your stories as you have joined us on online courses, or posted on our Facebook page, or emailed and messaged, I can truly say that with your resilience, adaptability, creativity and courage, you have made tough decision and big changes, have had to stretch your capabilities sometimes very far and very fast, and have supported many, many people around you with compassion and kindness. You are inspiring.

You have also supported us, responding to our posts, trusting us to deliver your courses in an entirely new way, and lifting us with your encouragement. On behalf of the JEMS® team, thank you. It has been so very much appreciated during some difficult times.

One of the positives about being forced to embrace change is that we have had to work out new ways to do things, and guess what? It turns out, we can do them even better.

In 2020, we have found out that we really can create the personal and emotional connection that our live courses were known for, and that the learning can be just as rich. In the case of our new flagship course, we found out that we can take people further, deeper and faster into the concept than ever before. This year for the very first time, we were able to bring JEMS® people in different locations and even different countries together to connect, share their experiences and receive support online in our Inspiration at Home days, and this turned out to be one of the highlights of 2020. We’ve learned how we can bring more learning opportunities to you, on a greater range of subjects, than we ever could before. I’ve been so busy flying about teaching over these many years that I haven’t been able to serve you all as I have wanted to. It will take some time, but I am excited about being able to systematically address the huge list of subjects on my white board for you!

And so, let’s dive into 2021.

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