New JEMS® Online Mentored Learning Programme

The new JEMS® Movement ART Online Mentored Learning Programme is ready to welcome its 2021 intake!

The stimulus for change has allowed us to really honour the huge amount of learning and transformative power of the clinical JEMS® Movement ART course by creating this ten week, supported yet flexible learning experience, which balances independent learning with interactive guidance. Our aim was for participants to learn and integrate the powerful JEMS® methodology into their practice faster, more deeply and more effectively than ever before, and based on the discussions, questions and feedback, our first pioneering group group hit that target magnificently.

And the feedback?


This breakthrough enables people to learn JEMS® from their own locations, and to join us from places where we weren’t previously teaching live. It will replace the previous face to face format, as it is overwhelmingly a better way to assimilate the extensive JEMS® foundations and integrate them successfully with greater clarity and effectiveness. In the future, we will consider live masterclasses for those who have completed the course, enabling us to take participants to an even higher level than we could before.

If you are interested in taking your practice to the next level, or you know a colleague who will embrace the holistic, inclusive yet systematic JEMS® method, click here for more information and to book.

If you are in a location other than in Europe or Australia and would like to learn JEMS®, we would like to hear from you, as we can then consider running courses for other time zones.

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