Your Body, Your Choice

Your brain and body are amazingly dynamic and adaptable. Depending upon what inputs you feed them, they will shape themselves around your thoughts and actions, literally changing their structure depending upon your choices.

Your choices. Many people don’t realise how much influence they have over their actual physical structure, especially if they have suffered an injury, prolonged stress, or have simply noticed that things aren’t quite what they were ten years ago.
You have choices. Some of what we commonly blame on age is often the result of repetitive habit, both in thought and in action. If you change the habit, your body and brain can change right along with you. It won’t be overnight, but it will inevitably respond to whatever you choose to do. The structures are not set in stone! Becoming aware of your habits is the first step. When things feel awkward or painful, pause, relax, and see if you can notice anything about your body in that moment. What happens if you make a small change? 
Had an injury? This can sometimes bring about a change that you didn’t want. It doesn’t have to be a show stopper though – in fact it may be the learning experience that jolts you out of those old habits and into something more effective and sustainable for the future. Many people experience an unexpected improvement in their physical performance when using this approach after injury.
It’s a matter of steady progress. Don’t give up. If you encourage your body every day, with patience, intelligence and awareness, you shape your potential for tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.
And be kind to yourself: there are always ups and downs, and times when you feel you are just treading water. That’s normal, but come right on back to the small, realistic goals that you can achieve every day, and the insights you gain by deciding to pay attention to your thoughts and movement habits, claiming control over them and actively choosing to explore alternatives.
Make the choice, and take stock this time next year. You might be surprised.
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