Staying True to Quality

Just writing up the second edition of “Stability, Sport and Performance Movement”, with inspiration breaks from the Olympics.

It seems appropriate to take a couple of quotes from the first edition which are relevant for all you movement lovers who are watching too.

1. “Technical problems are not ‘personal style’ just because the athlete is a high flyer.” I’ve seen too many athletes who have asked me why no one has pointed out some of their movement issues before, and sadly it is because of who they are.

2. “The best performer is not necessarily the one with the least issues. He is the one who compensates most effectively for them. When his ability to compensate is exceeded by the demands on his body and mind, a cycle of injury often ensues.”

3. “Assess accuracy of movement performance without prejudice”. The successful athlete of today can so easily otherwise be the injured athlete of tomorrow.

Enjoy the movement comparisons over the next two Olympic weeks!

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