New course launched!

Following a very well received pilot course in Sydney earlier this year, we are delighted to launch this new course for health, fitness and wellbeing professionals.

JEMS® Movement EASE™
(Efficiency, Awareness, Sensory motor integration, Emotion)
Uncovering the Power and the Grace…

What is it to move naturally, efficiently, easily, even pleasurably?

What if you could help your clients to access more power and grace in their movement, using simple but transformative techniques?

And what if that process of deeply understanding natural, functional movement is also the key to many common pain presentations that your clients struggle to overcome?

Join international movement expert, physiotherapist and elite performance consultant Joanne Elphinston as she answers these questions on this absorbing four day intensive exploration into the art and science of developing effortlessly controlled, elastic dynamic movement in people across a spectrum of functional levels.

If you are a Pilates teacher, bodyworker, personal trainer or other health and fitness professional, join Joanne as she shares her in-depth knowledge of functional movement in immediately relatable ways, develops your skills in analysis, and tunes your teaching technique to a whole new level as she introduces you to the JEMS® approach. If you have ever wondered how to connect somatic approaches with biomechanics, emotions with fascia, brain with body, this course will expand your confidence, accuracy, insight and satisfaction as you help your clients to feel more comfortable in their bodies, and guide them to achieve greater physical freedom to perform the activities that mean the most to them.

In conjunction with the launch of Joanne’s much anticipated book, “The Power and the Grace: A Professional’s Guide to Ease and Efficiency in Functional Movement”, the JEMS® Movement EASE™ course incorporates the foundation principles of the approach with Module 1: Essential Posture and Spine, and Module 2: Essentials for Lower Body Mastery.

You will discover that the science of movement can be experienced with profound simplicity when experienced through the intelligence of your own body, and that skilfully applied neuroscience brings a magic and depth to your teaching practice.

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The first course will take place at Brunel University London, on 6-9 December, 2019.
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