Don’t miss Joanne – live online on 15th March

Exciting news! Don’t miss Joanne’s webinar: Beyond Glute Strengthening: Lower Limb Function in the Real World
Hosted by The Australasian College of Soft Tissue Therapy
Glute strengthening exercises are ubiquitous in the rehabilitation industry, but are they really the key to lumbopelvic & hip dysfunction?
When we consider human functionality, could we be more discerning & more precise with our approach in assessment & treatment?
In this lecture, we will explore the concept of functional force management in the lower quadrant, uncovering some of the pitfalls of the glute-centric approach & reintegrating brain, biomechanics & neuromuscular response to restore movement maps rather than just muscle strength.
Experience some of these techniques in your own body & take away practical ideas to use in your practice with people of all levels of physical function.
Live online on Tuesday 15th March at
7.30 – 9am (UK)
8.30 – 10am (Europe)
3.30 – 5pm (Hong Kong)
6.30 – 8pm (Melbourne)
If you can’t make it live, a recording will be available for you to view for 1 week after the event.
Registration fee is AUD $42 (approx £23 GBP – bank charges may apply)
To register, please visit:
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