A Time of Transition

This past 18 months has been a period of great change for so many people, and we certainly share in that experience.

The transitional seasons of autumn and spring remind us that between endings and beginnings is a rich swirling period which begins with reflection, gets a bit messy and confusing as we dare to relinquish old patterns and beliefs, and don’t yet have a clear picture of what is to come.

I see it all the time in our course participants, as they start to examine not just their existing methods of practice, but also the beliefs and unacknowledged feelings that arise in their clinical interactions.

If we recognise the value in this uncomfortable phase of learning, accept the feeling of vulnerability as we let go of old certainties, and acknowledge that this space is one where creativity can bloom and possibilities roam, we access a new level of potential for our professional and personal expansion.

Whether you are moving through autumn or spring at the moment, draw inspiration from it – nature doesn’t deal in certainty, and shows us that we cannot grow if we do not allow our transitions.

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