The biopsychosocial approach and JEMS®

How does learning JEMS® help you to work effectively within the biopsychosocial approach?

A recent paper by Mescouto et al 2022 highlights the gap between the theory and the actual application of the approach amongst physiotherapists.

I thought I’d talk you through just some of the aspects we weave together in JEMS®, such that the bio, the psycho, the emotional and embodied and the social are acknowledged and integrated naturally throughout a patient’s journey.

Crucially, when we accept this interplay rather than being overwhelmed by it, we can let go of feelings of inadequacy when things don’t seem to be working with the model or technique we have chosen based on our initial assessment.

People are like onions (to paraphrase Shrek), and all the factors in play will not be revealed to you at once. If the track you have taken isn’t bearing the fruit you were hoping for, what is it telling you? What is the next question we can ask? What is the next layer of the onion?

Weirdly, this makes things simpler rather than more complicated. When you have transferable principles (as JEMS® is made up of), you can put them together in innumerable combinations to reflect the real dynamic human being in the room with you.

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