New course dates for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Professionals

HFW marketing1We have an amazing fast track opportunity coming up for all the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing (HFW) professionals out there who have been asking for courses. Joanne will be doing a combined Part 1 and 2 JEMS HFW this July in London!

If you are a fitness professional, personal trainer, Pilates or yoga teacher, soft tissue therapist, sports therapist or coach who wants to get past prescriptive routines and really understand their clients’ movement, what influences it, how to assess it, unlock and progress it, then you will love this opportunity to learn in one of the most dynamic and supportive environments around. Joanne and her team are passionately committed to developing your confidence and understanding of both the science and the art of movement, as well as the embracing the fun and fulfilment of it. You will have a great time, and your clients and patients will love what you bring back to them.

JEMS courses are constantly updating, to stay in line both with new research and Joanne’s regular developments. If you have already done Part 1, you are welcome to either just join us for Part 2, or come for a brush up on Part 1 before progressing on to the next level. We have had a lot of people join us to repeat courses, and they’re always amazed at how much more deeply they work with the material and fine tune their skills. Everyone who repeats is delighted with the experience.

So get your skates on — we’ve had plenty of interest, so make sure you grab a place, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in London!

Know people who would love JEMS? Please share the course info to let them know!

To get further information and book your place, contact Kate via

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