Moving the Brain

Have you all been moving people’s brains this week?

It was great to see so many familiar faces on screen for Moving the Brain last week, and also to meet some new people dipping their toe into the beating heart of JEMS® – how we transcend exercises and truly ignite motion in the nervous system to reveal new possibilities in movement for people of all levels of physical function.

This is the “something missing” or the “something more” that so many movement professionals tell us they have been seeking. it is the real artistry in how we use the latest neuroscience to make meaningful change possible where it didn’t seem it could be before.

Were you there? Have you noticed how you have been moving people’s brains since last week?

I would love to know.

And if you are ready to move your own brain with some delicious, user friendly techniques that can transform your practice, we are kicking off our next online mentored learning programme February 2nd with an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT until December 15th for the keen beans who know in their bones (if beans had bones) that this will be the catalyst that lights up their practice for 2024.

For full dates and booking information, please click here and use early bird discount code JEMS10 when booking.

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