JEMS® live in Melbourne!

It was simply AMAZING to be teaching live last month: an incredible few days with my JEMS® family in Melbourne!

First, an intimate small group exploration focusing on our own experience as human beings in the clinical setting- what are the beliefs that drive our behaviour, and the stories that feed those beliefs? How might these be driving how we feel, our perceptions, our confidence and our energy.

Next, Glorious Gait, where we really got into the intersection between our minds, emotions and biomechanics.I loved how everyone, whether brand new to JEMS® or experienced practitioners, plunged out of the box and into feeling and thinking with powerful simplicity, embracing the pleasure of new movement choices.

And finally, a special day for my wonderful established JEMS® practitioners. You gave me deeply satisfying insights as we immersed our minds and bodies deliciously in what has evolved in JEMS® this past few years, and nourished our hearts with the power of reconnecting with like minds. All under the watchful eye of the Urban Leopard!

A massive thank you to Moyan Phillips for hosting us at @urbanleopardmelbourne, and of course, for the kindness, enthusiasm and generosity of Rob and Chrissie Granter of Australian College of Soft Tissue Therapies to make it all possible.

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