Getting Back to Humanity

Getting back to humanity for ourselves and our patients in the treatment room with JEMS®

"My journey through this course series has enable me to become the therapist I always wanted to be" Life is pretty overwhelming right now, isn’t it?

No matter who you are, it is easy to lose confidence, security and your sense of mojo.

No further capacity for anything else.

I know – I’ve really been feeling it too.

World events might be beyond our control, but in our little corner, we can make a difference for ourselves and our patients.

As JEMS® practitioners, we help people to discover a special kind of magic.

In this world, patients find that they can be dynamic partners in their own treatment process instead of receivers. Instead of carrying them, you walk beside them.

You guide them to  discover new connections within themselves, and reveal the resources they already have but couldn’t reach on their own. They are amazed.

The interactions between their emotions, beliefs, mindset, posture and moment are natural and integral  to the assessment and treatment process. All the pieces fit together.

Suddenly there is a whole new landscape of possibilities for you to explore together.

We get to acknowledge the whole person, and instead of that making them more complex and difficult, it brings clarity at a deeply human level.

With your help, they get to change a little piece of their world, and in doing so it changes yours too.

And you suddenly remember why you chose this career – it wasn’t to fix people, it was to help them, in a way that lights you up and inspires you.

“My journey through this course series has enable me to become the therapist I always wanted to be”

LP, Sports Therapist

It brings me such joy to provide an environment where clinicians can relax, get real and appreciate together the wonder of what we are as humans.

I warmly invite you to discover how light, enjoyable and creative learning can be as you move into JEMS® mastery with my Movement ART Programme 1, launching August, 2024.

Click here for full details and to reserve your spot.

Click here to learn more about the Movement ART programme.

Let me help you to remember why you chose this career.


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