Feeling wobbly?

Sometimes the only way to keep our equilibrium lies in daring to find a new balance point.

Homeostasis is our ability to maintain a relatively stable internal state despite the changes in the world outside.  When threatened by change, we cling to what we think is stable yet dream of freedom and flexibility.

As it is in life, so it is in movement.

So many people prioritise “stabilising” themselves, when really they are longing for a more adaptable, responsive way to move through the world. Control is not about stopping things from moving. It is about guiding them in the direction that serves us best, at the rate and rhythm that leads to our next choice.

It is there in the small movements, the little shifts, the daring to be moved, in order to arrive at a new balance point. For true equilibrium, it is in fact not a point at all, but a platform that allows us the freedom and space to dance to different melodies.


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