JEMS® home exercise software

JEMS® home exercise software

Special Physitrack Deal Exclusive to JEMS®!

JEMS® on Physitrack has recently launched.  Visit their website and use your special JEMS® code JEMS10 for a 10% discount on the very reasonable monthly subscription.


Special PhysioTools Deal Exclusive to JEMS®!

PhysioTools has agreed to offer a 10% discount to JEMS® customers, a deal so exclusive that it is not available on the Physiotools website! To find out more, and how to take advantage of this exclusive offer:

If you are in an English speaking country, click here for full details, or email Andy or call +44 (0)1749 890870

If you are in Sweden, click here for full details, or email Micael or call 0704 935493

The JEMS® PhysioTools Module for Trunk and Lower Limb is a great resource for rehabilitation and fitness professionals to design balanced, progressive movement re-education programmes based on the JEMS® approach. JEMS® aims to foster confident, adaptable movement for rehabilitation and performance, in people of all ages and physical abilities.  Help your patients to move beautifully, to balance the forces on their bodies and integrate their body systems by using variation and variety in a systematic way.

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We have had a lot of enthusiastic feedback from clinicians using the original JEMS® module, telling us that it is easy to use, clear for the patients and so handy to capture the unique JEMS® techniques. Joanne has done the work to capture the images and share her wording with you, so we are sure that you will find it an invaluable resource!

The New JEMS® Upper Limb module is a complementary second module which captures all your favourite JEMS® Upper Limb applications, making it easy to progress your patients from very early, lower level techniques through to higher challenges.


To find out more, read the flyer, visit the PhysioTools website or contact the sales team: 

If you are in an English speaking country, email Andy at or call +44 (0)1749 890870

If you are in Sweden, email Micael at or call 0704 935493

If you wish to search PhysioTools specifically for JEMS® exercises you can modify the search to make it easier.  Please watch this (silent) video for instructions.

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