Joanne speaks at Swedish Pain Forum


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Joanne speaks at Swedish Pain Forum

October 7


October 7

The Swedish Pain Forum is an annual national pain conference covering both acute and chronic pain from many different perspectives, attended by participants from a variety of professions.

On Friday 7th October , 2022, 13.00-14.30 there will be three parallel sessions on “Team-based care in practice”.

The speakers in this session are:

1       Peter Molander, psychologist and PhD, Pain and Rehabilitation Center in Linköping, presenting data from the Swedish Pain Registry on effects of multimodal rehabilitation programs on hypermobile patients. (20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions)

2       Joanne Elphinston on Team rehabilitation in hypermobility diagnoses. (20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions)

3       The Hypermobility team from the Pain Unit in Västervik (Hani Hattar, chief physician, Maria Dahlström, leg. nurse, Annie Anderot, leg. physiotherapist, Susanne Lindholm, leg. occupational therapist, Rasmus Stjernberg, leg psychologist) – discussing team rehabilitation using a patient case, focussing on the complexity in these patients and what the team can do for the hypermobile patients.

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