JEMS® Lecture by Joanne Elphinston


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JEMS® Lecture by Joanne Elphinston

January 30


January 30
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The importance of “why” and “how”: movement’s critical role in clinical reasoning for low back pain in high performance individuals

Three elite level performers in very different disciplines: golf, Olympic weight lifting and ballet…

Three ambitious, successful young women with extension related low back pain, all of whom have “overuse” diagnoses…

Do they have enough in common to be able to treat them similarly? And what happens when the rehabilitation evidence base doesn’t meet your patient’s needs, and appears to leave you stranded?

Too frequently “overuse” is accepted as an adequate explanation for injury. Although training and performing volume and loading play their part, we will see through these patient cases that they are far from the whole story, and that movement provides a key to understanding why and how localised areas can be subjected to amplified stress. Without this understanding, treatment becomes a blunt instrument, management has a fragile dependence upon training and performance schedules, and the opportunity to prevent recurrence is lost.

This lecture illustrates how an appreciation of fundamental movement principles, the concept of functional force management®, patient context and direction of movement impulse can help us firstly to identify and understand the factors contributing to the injury presentation, and then to develop a reasoned, individually and functionally relevant pathway to return them to elite performance in their chosen discipline.

The lecture will take place twice on Saturday 30th January 2021 at 9.30 AND 17.00 GMT

The lecture will last approximately one hour, followed by 30 minutes for Q&A

Please choose whichever time suits you best:
– Book Session 1 to attend the lecture live at 9.30 GMT; 10.30 CET / Sweden; 19.30 AEST / Melbourne
– Book Session 2 to attend the lecture live at 17.00 GMT; 9.30 PST / West Coast USA; 12.00 noon EST / East Coast USA; 18.30 CET / Sweden)

The lecture will be broadcast via Zoom and a Zoom link will be sent to participants before the start.  To ensure prompt admittance, please log in approx 10 minutes prior to the start time.

The lecture is open to anyone who wishes to attend, and is ideal for those who have not attended a JEMS® Movement course and would like a ‘taster’.

The event fee is £28.

10% discount for JEMS® Certified Practitioners

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